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1) DVD # 1 - Level # 1 - 'The Awesome Eight'

2) DVD # 2 - Level # 2 - 'The Incredible Eleven'

3) DVD # 3 - Level # 3 - 'The Strong & Sexy Seventeen'

4) 3 Upper Body Workout Progression Plan Cards

5) Advanced Maintenance Combining Method Card

6) The Blow-Torch Fat-Loss Diet E-book Handbook

7) Three of My All-Time Most Effective Upper Body Stretches - (Immediate Download)

8) Three Awesome Upper Body Exercises From My 'Ultimate Playground Workouts' DVD Collection (Immediate Download)

"Joey, I want you to be my personal trainer. I'm serious and ready to make changes & I don't want to pass up this great opportunity, so I'm going to place my order for the $29.97 Special Offer of the 'Ultimate Upper Body - BodyWeight Workouts' Exercise program right now via your fully secure internet connection."

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