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"How To Get  A Lean, Athletically Defined & Sexy Upper Body With A Fast Results Upper Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime...

"Say Goodbye To Spending Wasted
Hours in 'the gym', Killing Yourself
With What You 'Think You Are
Supposed To Be Doing'...

An Article For Men And Women
Who Don't Have Time To 'Play Games'
But Still Realize The Value Of Looking
Good, Feeling Healthy And Being Fit...

By Joey Atlas - M.S., Exercise Physiology

Saint Johns, FL -

Do The Right Upper Body Workout For Optimum Results & Get On With The Rest of Your Day And Your Life

First things first, if you are interested in grueling, injury producing, 2 hour daily, old school weight lifting workouts, you'll have to look elsewhere. You will not find that here.

However, if you are like most people, you have a real life and can't, or just would rather not waste any unnecessary time, or risk stupid injuries, working out like a hardcore bodybuilder or powerlifter - when you are not trying to be either of those.

This is about a simpler, time efficient way of stimulating your upper body with various 'bodyweight' exercises that make it want to change for the better, instead of trying to force it to change with heavy weights & restrictive machines.

Being fit, lean, healthy and sexy does not require unrealistic amounts of time spent at the health club or in the gym.

(This myth comes from people making the assumption that others, who 'look like they know what they are doing', must know what they are doing, and since they spend 'ALOT' of time working out, this must be the only way to get the same results.)

This myth is both good and bad. Bad for the general public (maybe even yourself), who as a whole, completely assume they cannot be fit simply because 'they don't have the time' to exercise. But good for fitness pros like me who are trying to bring a modern fitness message to the masses.

A message of simple but extremely effective upper body workouts that break through all obstacles and crush all excuses, for the people that need and want fitness improvement the most. People just like you.

Men And Women On The Same Program Get Amazing Gender Specific Results - How Can This Be?

A beautiful thing, called the 'gender/genetic' factor, is what allows both genders to follow the same workout plan (as long as it is a good one) & get gender specific results.

Here is how it works. While men have the tendency to develop a more muscular physique, women typically develop a slender but shapely, toned & lean body look. Its that simple, basically mother nature handles the results!!

This happens because of differences in hormonal/genetic profiles that are rooted in the most fundamantal evolutionary societal role characteristics for males & females. OK, thats it for the scientific stuff - I promise!

Sure, there may be a few minor modifications in terms of sets & reps - but nothing major.

I learned this not through the classroom or the physiology lab - but by training many, many clients over the years.

Can You Handle The Fitness Truth?

To get a strong, toned & sexy upper body you do not need to do endless sets of weightlifting exercises for all these crazy different muscle groups. Nor do you have to take 2 hours out of your day to trek all the way to the gym just to kill yourself by going through the machine circuit 4 or 5 times (& still not see the results you deserve).

Joey Demonstrates The Long Forgotten, But EXTREMELY
Effective Chair/Bench Dip For a Small Group Training Class
At The Former GAC Personal Training Studio In PVB, Florida

Now don't get me wrong, weights and machines have a secured place on the menu of fitness choices, but with all factors considered, most of your upper body workouts should be doable with minimal or no equipment, should be completed within 20 - 40 minutes, and should work the entire upper body - not just one or two muscle groups!!

By now, you might be wondering (if you haven't purchased one of my other fitness training programs or books), "Who the heck is this guy, Joey Atlas?"

In case you don't know me yet, I've been in the fitness industry since the mid 80's, I have a Bachelor's Degeree in Exercise Science and a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology. I've owned and operated several Personal Training & Fitness Consulting Companies in New York And Florida over the past 15 years.

I am the creator of several other top-selling Fitness DVD Training Programs: (click these links to visit sites)
- 'Abs Of Stone - Core Of Steel'

- 'Athletic Legs For Men'
 (You can also preview the Total Body Program For Men at this site)

- 'Optimum Flexibility'

- 'The Leg, Butt, Hip And Thigh Makeover for Women'

The Most Essential Elements of The Ideal Upper Body - BodyWeight Workout Program

It must include muscle toning & strength building exercises for every muscle in the upper body including the core muscles.

2) It must include various degrees of challenge levels to foster the training effect for gradual upper body strength, toning & fitness improvement.

3) It must take into consideration your valuable time & should be able to be completed in 20 - 40 minutes depending on the specific workout - while still providing the upper body with the optimal training stimulus to bring about desired changes & results.

4) It must be doable anywhere - at home, a hotel, at a friends house or even a playground so as to remove any excuses whatsoever, which would prevent you from getting your workout in, no matter where you are.

5) It must show relatively fast upper body results/improvements to prove its merit over traditional, time consuming, gym mentality, injury risking, upper body workouts.

It should be compatible with & complimetary to training programs which are focused on other areas of the body - abs/core, lower body/legs & overall flexibility.

7) It should offer variations of specific upper body exercises, on each level, to account for and accomodate differences in your starting or current physical abilities as compared to other users.

8) It should not require you to purchase a gym membership, an expensive home gym or questionable fitness vitamin supplements or 'physique enhancers'  - (A BIG, money wasting hoax that I will be addressing in one of my forthcoming books.)

9) It must include a simplified maintenance mode that tells you exactly how to keep your new upper body with smart, highly productive, condensed version, upper body maintenance workoutsNOT by you having to work harder & longer for the rest of your life.

These principles are what I base my own training program on, as well as the home and travel programs of my clients.

If you are like most people (who live in the 'real world'), you need an upper body fitness training program that doesn't take over your life and keep you from the things you'd rather be doing.

You want something realistic, but still extremely effective.

The reason I know this is, these are my own personal beliefs, as well. In my early years, I used to spend hours in the gym (before I knew better), working out as hard as possible (stupid) - because that's what I thought I was supposed to be doing.

Of course, I was able to do this (timewise, anyway) because I didn't have many other responsibilities. But as my life progressed, my 'fitness lifestyle' was just not fitting my life like it used to. I began to realize change was needed.

Marriage, kids and a growing business naturally demanded more of my time as compared to when I was young and single.

Transitioning into the real world required a transformation in my approach to fitness and my upper body workouts.

I had already been designing and teaching unique, simple and extremely effective 'home & travel' upper body - BodyWeight workouts for all of my personal training clients, both male and female.

I began using these programs myself & naturally spent more time improving and developing them.

Somewhat surprisingly, I did not lose anything (except for some aches & pains I developed during my years of traditional weight & machine workouts) on my new upper body - BodyWeight Fitness Training Program.

As a matter of fact I gained alot:
- I developed an effective workout program that fit perfectly into my busy life.
- I started feeling strong and full of energy during & between workouts.
- The visual results were (and still are) better, (with all factors considered) than when I was 'knocking myself out' in the traditional gym/fitness mentality mode.

As these upper body workouts became more structured, I began to give them to my clients (in print form) to follow at home or when they were travelling, as part of their training plans.

As happened with the other fitness training programs I have produced, my clients urged me to put these workouts on DVDs for them - and so I did. I also knew I'd have to get these upper body training programs mass produced for the general public as well - just like I did with the other programs.

We recently finished shooting video for the last DVD in this upper body training package and the complete program (3 DVDS) is going through production as you read this.

If you are looking for a better way to acheive your upper body fitness goals, and you are serious about getting definite results, then you should carefully consider this program.

Men, if you are looking to refine the muscle you already have or need to lose fat while defining & building the muscles hidden underneath, I strongly urge you to try this program.

Ladies, if you want more muscle tone or if you need to lose that layer of flab that is covering your sexy feminine muscles, you will want to follow this program.

If you are just taking yourt first steps on the incredibly rewarding journey to fitness, all I ask is that you start here with these DVDs & allow me to be your teacher. I will save you time, eliminate the guesswork and help keep you focused on your goals.

I've been doing this stuff for a long time. It is my passion. It has changed my life & I love helping others learn & realize the true benefits of realistic, effective, upper body fitness training. (Of course, true fitness is total body (& mind and spirit) and I also offer other DVD packages for these other areas.

But right now, I want to tell you about the Special Offer we are running for the first official production run of these DVD Training packages.

Here is what you get:

'Ultimate Upper Body - BodyWeight Workouts'
- 3 DVD Training Plan

1) DVD # 1 - Level # 1 - 'The Awesome Eight' :
Eight unique, simple and focused upper body BodyWeight exercises you can do anywhere, anytime for stunning results. This DVD also gives at least 6 variations of these exercises to account for your specific fitness level. This DVD 'primes the pump' & prepares your body for some amazing changes that come in the next levels of this program.
($25.97 When Sold Seperately)

2) DVD # 2 - Level # 2 - 'The Incredible Eleven' :
Eleven laser targeted, upper body exercises (with at least 4 extra variations) that help you take things to the next level. No machines or weights can ever come close to what this program has done for my upper body & I'm sure the same will hold true for you.
($25.97 When Sold Seperately)

3) DVD # 3 - Level # 3 - 'The Strong & Sexy Seventeen' :
By this time, you are ready to finally get to where you want to be with how you look and feel. This DVD takes you there. It is my best stuff for super effective upper body workouts - nothing less!
($25.97 When Sold Seperately)

4) Upper Body Workout Progression Plan Cards:
Each DVD comes with its own progression plan. Together they form a system that is totally mapped out for you - rep by rep, set by set, day by day, week by week - NO GUESSWORK FOR YOU!
($17.99 Each - ALL FREE with Special Offer Orders)

5) Advanced Maintenance Combining Method:
This training card maps out exactly how to maintain your new upper body & totally defies a bogus fitness myth that you 'have to work harder to stay fit than you do to get fit'. This is a joke, and my Maintenance Method shows you how to workout smarter, not harder, in order to keep what you've worked for.
($22.99 - FREE with All Special Offer Orders)

6) The Blow-Torch Fat-Loss Diet Handbook:
This is my hot E-book that comes to you for immediate download on the 'thank you' page after your transaction AND in your order 'thank you' email from Joey Atlas. Its a Seven Day, Meal by Meal/Food by Food Menu taken straight from my 'Blow-Torch Fat-Loss Nutrition Plan - with Fat Melting, calorie guidance for men and women. No supplements, no crazy diet foods - just time tested fat loss nutrition with foods you can get at any grocery store.
($37.95 - FREE with All Special Offer Orders)

Here is what else you'll find in this easy to follow, results delivering 18 page E-book:

It includes a section called 'The Truth About Cardio'
If you want truly Sexy, Chiseled Abs, a Flat Stomach with No More Love Handles, you have to know, How Much, How Long, Which Days and What Types of cardio you need to be doing in order to be able to see the awesome & sexy midsection you possess. I answer all of those questions.

- The Handbook also includes a section called,
"Insider Tips For Losing Body Fat Permanently".

These tips are my personal tools and philosophy for being fit and lean forever and they are the same principles I teach to my personal clients - the ones who follow them find success!

- Another body and life-changing section in the Handbook is, 'My Secret Seven'
The Seven Best, Fat Melting,Body Toning Bed-Time Snacks. I know evenings can be tough when you are trying to eat right and stay away from fat producing, junk food calories. It used to be one of my most challenging times until I learned about these foods and starting using them each night as my fat burning 'desert'. Crush your cravings, stop all temptations and watch your body transorm itself with 'My Secret Seven'.
7) Three of My All-Time Most Effective Upper Body Stretches - (Immediate Download)
If your upper body workouts do not include several flexibility exercises - you are setting your self up for chronic pain and quite possibly, acute injury. Flexibility is the most ignored, but no less important, element of total fitness. These three stretching exercises (photos & instructions) will help you keep your upper body loose and flexible as you get your upper body into prime shape.
($23.85 - FREE with All Special Offer Orders)

8) Three Awesome Upper Body Exercises From My 'Ultimate Playground Workouts' DVD Collection (set for release in 2009)
Photos and instructions for these three 'knock your socks off' upper body exercises come to you for immediate download also. Although just a sneak preview of the full body 'Ultimate Playground Workout' DVD set, these three exercises alone will provide you with an outdoor upper body workout that you will never be able to do in any 'gym' or 'health club'.
($29.85 - FREE with All Special Offer Orders)
9) As all of my products are, this program is backed by my:


'100%, 1 Year, Money Back Guarantee'

You have up to 365 days to use my program as outlined, if you do not like the results - send it back & I refund your full purchase price. You have nothing to lose. 

"Ok, Joey, So How Much Do I Pay To Reserve My Pre-Summer Special Upper Body Training Package, Including All the Fitness Bonus Gifts Listed Above?" 

The total value for this life changing program is $246.52 -  Once the Special Offer ends, we will sell this whole package for $59.99 & it will only include a few of the fitness bonus gifts.

"Hey Joey,
These upper body DVDs are unbelievable. I cannot believe how my upper body feels the next day, no pains - just a deep worked-out feeing... I have had a lot of people coming up to me and saying they've noticed I have gotten bigger in my shoulders, arms, and chest. It is VERY sweet that I am already seeing these kind of results. Your simple nutritional advice is also helpong me with building lean muscle. These dvds were the best decision I ever made!!!!! Thanks a lot Joey!!"
- Daryl Seitz
"Joey, you are my hero...
As a female - the last thing I wanted was to build too much muscle mass. Thanks to your Ultimate Upper Body program I have been able to tone beautifully sculpted, feminine muscles. I have moved away from most of the 'weight-lifting' moves I was doing and my workout time has decreased dramatically. What I really love is that these workouts can be done anywhere, anytime. Your program is the only one that has been able to tighten up the 'flab' that used to hang from the back side of my arms. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and inspiration with the world. You changed my life"
- Kelsea Tinoro

For a limited time I am offering the Special Offer DVD Packages at more than 50% OFF -

So, instead of paying $59.99,
you will get EVERYTHING above for only $29.97

This is a limited time offer and it will end very soon. Order today to lock in your special price and to ensure you get all of the fitness bonuses.
So, If
You Are Ready To Get Serious About Your Body & Fitness...

Click Here to Visit The Order Preview Page

Still have some questions? No problem, send me an email at joey (at) joeyatlas.com or better yet, call me toll free at 1 866 Yes Joey. If I don't answer that means I'm in a training session, but leave a message & I will get back to you.

Don't Be Like Everybody Else...

Be Fit!

Joey Atlas

PS - If you are passing this opportunity up - Ask yourself "Why?"

Are you already too fit & satisfied with how you look and feel?

Or are you afraid to be fit, healthy and lean? Are you afraid of
change for the better and some of the uncertainty that may lie
ahead? Do you think you can't be in great shape or are you just
telling yourself that so you don't have to try?

Go look yourself in the mirror (I'm serious, try this!) and ask
yourself if you are happy with how you look, and how feel
about yourself? If you are happy then you shouldn't even be
reading this - you should be doing something else. But if you
have read this far, I'm pretty sure you want to make some
definitive, permanent changes with yourself.

My question to you is, "What are you waiting for ?"


Important Note:

If what you've read above doesn't strike a chord with you,
I can respect and understand that. If what I have to offer
doesn't interest you, then you may be very interested
in this site (especially men).

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